Connecting the Dots

How the German Government funded the doxing and harassment of @libsoftiktok

  1. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the Prototype Fund, which provides financial backing to Travis Robert Brown’s Hatespeech-Tracker (HASSREDEN-TRACKER)

2. Travis Robert Brown’s Hassreden-Tracker is composed of his existing tools, such as cancel-culture, which Travis uses to track, stalk, dox, and harass those he has a personal vendetta against. You can see the hundreds of lists he’s created here.

3. Hassreden-Tracker uses the Twitter API, Github API, and scrapes the Wayback Machine. His own description below (translated from German):

These applications interact with external resources such as the Wayback Machine, the Twitter API, and the GitHub API and store data in a variety of ways.

His project violates Twitter’s Developer Policy, Developer Agreement, and Privacy Policy. His hosting of the data on Github violates their Acceptable Use Policy.

4. Travis Brown deliberately doxed @libsoftiktok. Washington Post credits Travis & Prototype Fund with the effort.

5. The woman behind @libsoftiktok is “holed up in a safe location”, fearing for her life. This is not the first woman who has feared for her life due to Travis Robert Brown’s cyberstalking and incitement of harassment.

6. Travis knows that his doxing has incited real-world stalking and harassment. Is he remorseful for his actions?

“She should be identified and her career and reputation should be destroyed.”

7. Travis used to work for Twitter.

Harassment, Stalking, Bullying

“worrying if Travis is following me”
“continuously destroying others life (sic)”
“abusive tweets encouraging harassment and giving allowance for harmful behaviors”
“Travis often harasses newcomers”
“thinks ‘blue eyes’ are a racist dogwhistle”
“claims of women experiencing harm”
“fears that your obvious online stalking might turn into real stalking”
“cyberstalking, career sabotage, online harassment, defamation”
“disgusting harassment wave”


Travis denies doxing. Doxing and cyberstalking are illegal in Germany.

“I’m not opposed to doxing”
“never distributed any kind of list”
“I didn’t ‘dox’ you, I privately shared a document…with a few people I thought needed to see it.”
“rumors that I dox people, try to get them fired, manage a no-hire list”
“I would never dox anyone myself, but I do have a database…if anyone has ideas about things they could do with that…”

Supporting Antifa Doxers

Travis cooperates with, applauds, and provides tools and lists (“never distributed any kind of list”) for Antifa accounts involved in extensive doxing, harassment, cyberstalking, and career sabotage, including Salish Coast Antifa, White Rose Antifa, and ExposeDezNat (Utah Antifa which is particularly bigoted towards Mormons).

Providing lists to White Rose Antifa.
“I’m tracking those three”
list of far-right Twitter accounts”
“I thought you might appreciate it”
Posted list of deleted tweets.
Providing tools to doxers.
Provides lists and techniques to ExposeDezNat (August 3-9, 2021).
“Nice to see the excellent work @ExposeDezNat has been doing to dox…”
Provides list to ExposeDezNat for continued doxing efforts.

Stalking Database

“35 million deleted tweets”
“hit me up–there’s a chance we have it indexed.”

Violating Twitter Privacy Policy

Travis Robert Brown’s cancel-culture tools uses the Twitter API with Elevated Access. Use of this API requires signing Twitter’s Developer Policy and Developer Agreement contract twice, as well as manually submitting an application describing the use of the tool and answering specific questions regarding where and how the data will be used.

Relevant passages


“As such, we prohibit the use of Twitter data in any way that would be inconsistent with people’s reasonable expectations of privacy. By building on the Twitter API or accessing Twitter Content, you have a special role to play in safeguarding this commitment, most importantly by respecting people’s privacy and providing them with transparency and control over how their data is used.”

Investigating & Tracking

“We describe prohibited uses of our data and developer products in the Developer Agreement, including prohibitions on investigating or tracking Twitter users or their content”


“We want people to feel comfortable to create a separate and, if they choose, pseudonymous identity on Twitter. If you intend to associate any information about a Twitter user with an off-Twitter identifier, we require that you get express, opt-in consent from the user before making the association.

For example, you could get this consent if the user shares their Twitter handle directly with you as part of a signup process for your service. In situations in which you do not have a user’s express, opt-in consent to link their Twitter identity to an off-Twitter identifier, we require that any connection you draw be based only on information that a user would reasonably expect to be used for that purpose. If a user would be surprised to learn that you are using information they provided to link their Twitter account to an identity off of Twitter, don’t do it.”

“They probably technically violate some ToS somewhere.” – Travis Brown

Views on Law Enforcement

“‘ALL COPS ARE TARGETS’…actionable alternatives”
“ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards), including whoever cleaned all the graffiti off the big antifa guy”
“I’ve done a lot of illegal things in my life…acab (all cops are bastards) and racist pigs”

Views on Antifa

“antifa is good (I mean, obviously)”
“healthier antifa presence here”

Views on Violence

“‘lined up against the wall and shot in the revolution’…nothing but respect”
“trying to figure out how many billionaires have been assassinated”


Travis Robert Brown’s online harassment, cyberstalking, and bullying is proudly funded by the German government’s Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Open Knowledge Foundation.

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